We spend so much money on makeup, to hide our imperfections. Anything we can do to get our hands on the new IT product, but do we apply the same level of importance to our skin? I love experimenting with new beauty products and finding out what works for me – but I have to admit I would rather spend my cash on skin care over beauty products on any day. I think it is much more imperative that we focus on the base of our skin problems instead of just masking them. I love finding a skin care product that can transform my skin right in front of my eyes, in return my confidence shines through.

Slow Âge is Vichy’s most powerful probiotic skincare range with SPF and protection.

I stumbled upon Vichy a few years ago and I have not looked back since. Vichy truly understand the essence of what skincare is all about and my collection continues to grow. I have begun using their new Slow Âge collection which is a daily care collection, targeting developing signs of aging. I hear what you’re saying – ‘’I am in in my 20s, I shouldn’t have to worry about skin aging yet! When actually, in your 20’s is the perfect time to start targeting the signs before they appear.

With this collection Vichy invite you to slow down the speed of our lives and to appreciate each moment.

Slow Âge Daily Corrective Care 50ml

This daily moisturizer corrects the appearance of signs of aging as they develop from lines to wrinkles. Day after day it accelerates surface cell renewal helping skin to recover. This unique formula strengthens your skin’s making it vibrant. I have been using this as part of my morning routine before applying my makeup. This cream is available from a choice of two packaging. Slow Âge Cream moisturiser or Fluid Moisturiser. I love that this product has no parabens and has a SPF 25. In the morning, I feel it awakens my skin leaving it feeling plumped and extremely hydrated. There is pale peachy/pink shade to this moisturizer, which in return gives my skin a healthy glow. This daily moisturizer has a delicate floral scent that infuses your skin with :

  • Baicalin

  • Antioxidant root extract

  • Probiotic – derived bifidus

    Slow Âge Eyes 15ml

    Tired eyes is something I have spoke about numerous times. If I had one bad night sleep you will see it, in and around my eyes first. Eye cream is necessary in my skin care routine. I have been using Slow Âge Eyes in the morning and night time. This eye cream helps to reduce puffiness, dark circles and fine lines. It gives the delicate skin around my eyes some much needed TLC for a healthy and youthful looking eye contour. I love that with continuous use my eye contour has become smoother and brighter. Even on those early mornings when I have had very little sleep, using this eye cream in the morning gives the impression of being well rested. Applying this eye cream is extremely relaxing and releases any tension from around my eyes. This eye cream also has a peachy/pink shade to it. It has no parabens and is infused with :

    • Baicalein

    • Antioxidant

    • Bifidus

    • Gingko Biloba

    Every day, our skin is slightly ageing due to factors such as UV, pollution and stress.

    Aqualia Thermal Power Serum 30ml

    I have been applying this as part of my night time skincare routine. This serum offers 48 hours lasting hydration. It dehydrates lines helping them to look smoother. This serum gives my skin the appearance of a fresh and radiant complexion. This is a non greasy, non sticky serum that melts into my skin.


    The Slow Âge collection is simply beautiful. Each item is packaged in a glass bottle or jar giving it a luxurious feel to it. (Beside the eye cream as this is a squeeze tube application.) Turquoise shades run through this collection highlighting the revitalizing and rejuvenating products.

    Check out the full collection Here

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