I am a creature of habit when it comes to makeup. When I find a product I like, I find myself staying loyal to this product. So I have to admit I surprised myself when I fell in love so fast with this new eyebrow product. I like my brows to stay full, feathered and filled in from day to night without any need for retouches. This may seem like Brow goals, but with BPerfect’s semi permanent brows, it’s now a reality!

It’s all about the brows this season.

About BPerfect Cosmetics

BPerfect Semi Permanent brows are loved by both bloggers and makeup Artists across the country. BPerfect founder, Brendan Mc Dowell appeared on the RTE’s Dragons Den last month and blew the dragons away with his business savvy and incredible growth. Now with the backing of two Dragons, Alison Cowzer and Barry O’Sullivan they are ready to take over the beauty world!

In a nutshell, this revolutionary product creates perfectly arched brows in seconds. The brow powder comes with a double – ended applicator brush for a flawless finish. This set also contains 3 unique brow shaping stencils to help guide you, if you want to upgrade your eyebrow game. These stencils can help you achieve the perfect look from thin, sleek brow to a thick, textured arch.

Available in 4 shades to suit most brows.

  • Brown – ideal for creating a subtle style. The brown shade creates an even brow and fills in any gaps for a barely there result. Ideal for fair hair or fine brows.

  • Irid Brown – Ideal for creating a defined brow. Irid Brown is a medium brown with subtle red tones. A perfect match for red, auburn and dark brown hair.

  • Chocolate Brown – Ideal for strong define brows. Chocolate is a dark brown shade that is best suited to warm blonde, dark brown to black hair.

  • Charcoal – Ideal for a high definition brow. Charcoal is best suited to silver, ash blonde, darker and thicker brown/black hair or those wanting a striking look.

Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow.

I love that this brow makeup kit has staying power of up to 24 hours, is water resistant, smudge – proof and a sweat proof product. After lining my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil I then take the BPerfect brow powder in the shade Chocolate and begin to fill in my eyebrows using gentle hair like strokes. There is no fall out, even though this is a high pigmented powder. It is easy to see why this product is loved by many Irish Bloggers and Makeup Artists

I love how natural this brow powder is on. It give my brows, definition, structure and thickness.

The Bperfect range is available from Bperfectcosmetics.com €29.99

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