IDC is leaps and bounds ahead of other skin care. This is simply down to the fact is it created by a Doctor/ Scientist. It tackles 16 different signs of ageing with a high concentration of active cosmetic ingredients – So your not just tackling fine lines and wrinkles. You are targeting and correcting how your skin ages. IDC use the highest concentration of active ingredients for effective results.
Think of IDC as food for your skin. It will give it a boast and get it working, by infusing your skin with vitamins. It is almost like waking your skin up and putting it back into balance. The best time to start using anti anging creams is before the wrinkles,fine lines and crows feet begin to appear. Instead of turning to botox and fillers in your later years, its time to love the skin you’re in.

I think it’s time to love the skin you’re in.

Instant gratification products.

Regan +16

  1. Dark Circles

  2. Crows feet

  3. Tonus

  4. Puffiness

  5. Lines

  6. Wrinkless

  7. Redness

  8. Darkness

  9. Enlarged pores

  10. Hydrating

  11. Fimeness

  12. Radiance

  13. Homogeneity

  14. Dark spots

  15. Sagging skin

  16. Protective spf

Morning Vibes

Hydra – seal spf 25

This is a great moisturiser to apply to a clean face and neck in the morning. It has a silky and extremely lightweight base that soaks in quickly. It leaves a bright radiant glow to my skin that I love. It instantly wakes me up leaving my skin feeling refreshed. My face is left with a smooth, bright canvas to then apply my makeup to.

I also like to apply this on makeup free days to bring my skin to life with a burst of hydration. As the packaging is simple and to the point, I was very surprised when the sweet floral scent hit my senses. It is has become an enjoyable part of my morning routine that I look forward to each morning.

I am a daydreamer and a night thinker.

Ideal Eyes

This highly effective anti – ageing breakthrough is the result of years of intensive research into the science of skin aging. I like to simply add one pump in the night and apply it to the contour of my eye. (Avoiding my eyelid.) This eye cream tackles anti – fatigue, dark circles, crows feet, tonus and puffiness. It is filled with 27% cosmetic ingredients. I suffer with tired eyes, as soon as I have one bad night’s sleep you can see it in and around my eyes first. They become, dull, heavy and to my dismay quite visible bags will appear. When I use this at night time it pumps the skin underneath my eyes with hydration and vitamins working on keeping that puffiness away.

Check out their full collection Here

2 thoughts on “I think it’s time to Love the skin you’re in

  1. You’re right, it is about time to love the skin we’re in. Great content! Iโ€™m looking forward to future posts.
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