I hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend.We may have approached into June, even if the weather says otherwise. During the long weekend I created this look using the Catrice limited edition – Provocative. This collection just screams Summer, with its gentle ombre style and beachy vibes. This collection is vibrant with pastel shades, mixing gradation blushes with cushion powder lips.

This Provocative collection has a vintage feel to it. It is packaged in simple yet beautiful palettes. White and rose shades dominate the collection, featuring a delicate silver print throughout the packaging.

Gradation Blush €4.40
This blush is strikingly beautiful. It ensures a radiant complexion. This powder blush is available in Pink or Berry. Each blush consists of a light shimmering tone and a darker matte shade that blend together into a beautiful colour gradient. Packaged in a square white palette, which flips opens to reveal an eye catching ombre blush. To create this bright Summer look I used the soft blush in the shade – Raspberry Belle

Cushion Powder Lips €5.50

The Cushion powder lips in pink or a light berry shade offer an intensive colour while creating a silky matte finish on the lips. A sponge applicator makes it very soft and easy to apply. It moisturises your lips, drying to a matte lip tint -without drying your lips out. To create this fresh look, I applied the shade Raspberry Belle.

Eyes palette €5.50

This palette features two shimmering and two matte eyeshadows in fashionable shades with a silky powder texture, along with a matching eyeliner in Oxblood red. During the weekend I went for barely there fresh wide eyes starting off with the ProvoCatrice eye palette. Applying the neutral shades from the palette. Keeping it simple and uncomplicated.

Volume Lash Dust €4.50

Micro – fine white powder particles will intensify the volume of your lashes. You simply apply on top of your mascara and then add another coat of mascara for a fabulous effect. It acts like a fairy wand that truly does create magic. This is great, if you choose to ditch the false lashes in favour of volumizing your own natural lashes.

Creating an edgey yet effortless finish.

This collection is available from mid May until July 2017

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