We all know the importance of using sunscreen. Sunscreen isn’t just for holidays anymore. We are slathering on spf 50 under our makeup for a brilliant anti aging cream, along with protecting our skin from everyday harmful UV rays. When it comes to choosing sunscreen, I think it is okay to be little picky and choosy. While living in Lanzarote I quickly became aware of just how dangerous the sun can be, especially as Dylan was only an infant. Suncream becomes apart of your daily mantra, and you realize just how pleasant or sticky sunscreens can feel on your skin.

Key factors I look for when purchasing sunscreen:

  • SPF 50+

  • Comfortable to wear

  • Absorbs quickly

  • Water – resistant

  • Not heavily scented

  • No Parabens

  • UVB + UVA

      Be Choosey

      Sunscreen can come in a lotion, spray or gel. I like to choose one that will absorb quickly into the skin. Sunscreen actually protects the skin by reflecting some of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation and thus helps against unwanted and dangerous sunburn. La RochePosay offer a high SPF of 50 in a lotion consistency. I love that this sunscreen is water resistance (which is ideal, with kids running in and out of pools) This sunscreen is thick yet it quickly absorbs, making touch ups easy throughout the day. Being diligent with the use of sunscreen can also slow or temporarily prevent the development of wrinkles and sagging skin. ( What are you waiting for lather yourself up!)

      La Roche – Posay Comfort Lotion

      La RochePosay also do a gel consistency It has a lightweight feel, perfect for everyday wear under your makeup. This is also in very high 50 + SPF. I love that this is also water resistant, non oily and non sticky – so no need to worry with being left with a shiny face.

      La RochePosay (Anti Shine) Dry touch gelcream

      Fragrance or Fragrance free is the question?

      When sunscreen shopping, take fragrance into the acquisition. Some of you may find lotion to be overbearing. You may also like the summer scent of a sunscreen that brings your right back to your childhood. So remember which your prefer before buying. I personally enjoy the natural scent of sunscreen on my skin. It is a scent that can evoke your emotions. There is something about that sweet yet salty holiday air, pina Coladas and a soft natural sunscreen scent that all just blend together effortlessly.

      Having an invisible fresh mist on hand can be used easily throughout the day. I also like having this mist on hand to quickly top up Dylan’s face, ( As any parent will know, children don’t stand around for too long) This invisible mist by La RochePosay also has a high 50 spf. It comes in a handbag size of 75ml which is great for bringing around with you for the day.

      La RochePosay Invisible Fresh mist

      Take testers
      Wherever free, take testers and wear it for the entire day. My son is extremely particular to scents and touch so what suits me, may not necessarily suit him. So before handing over your money test out different sunscreens thoroughly. So I suggest trying before you buy to avoid the build of un used sunscreen on your bathroom shelf.

      Free gift
      La Roche – Posay are giving away a free gift with every three items you but from their collection. Keep an eye out for β€˜ My UV Patch’ I think this UV patch is such a great idea. Download the app (UV Patch ) while on holidays and place the patch on your skin. Using the app to scan the patch, it will tell you whether you need to apply more sunscreen or maybe to go into the shade – if the sun is getting to hot! I am excited to try this out. I already feel It will be a great reminder to keeping that sun lotion topped up!
      LA Roche Posay is available nationwide, in all leading pharmacies and Boots.

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