My hair is and always will be apart of my fundamental personal style. I am an avid user of using hot hair tools so I was delighted to get my hands on Remington’s new Air plates, which is the world’s first straightener to use suspended plate technology.

Opening this from the packaging the first details to catch my eye, was the unique style. I instantly fell in love with the chic design. What was even better was it came in my favourite colour… Nothing in my opinion beats the eye catching crispness to a beautiful bright white shade. The unique style and shape is down to its suspended technology.

The innovating suspended plates that adjust to provide maximum contact for straighter hair and faster results. Each plate is coated in black titanium ceramic, to ensure a smoother glide and smoother results.

The unique plate suspension isn’t the only benefits to Remington Air plates straightener, it also has a cool touch technology. I am far from a professional but I do know my way around using hot hair tools but even so, I have had my fair share of battle wounds from mistakenly hitting the hot plates onto my hands. This Cool Touch Technology is a complete game changer. This gives you more control when styling as the outer casing remains cool due to the suspended plates, remaining 50% cooler than standard straighteners. With optimum temperatures up to 230 degrees, 15 seconds heat up and auto shut off. No more fretting ‘Oh no did I leave my hair straightener on?’

When using this straightener I enjoy how easily it glides smoothly through my hair.I love the versatility to this straighter. I find myself reaching for this hot hair tool to not only straighten my hair but to also create loose beachy curls, waves and flicks. This is so much more than a straightener. This is the ultimate styling tool for salon quality hair, from your own bedroom
Check it out online €99.99 Remington Air Plates

**Remington offer a three year warrantee.**

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