When it comes to my skincare, there are three factors I like:

  1. It needs to be quick to use. Usually before bed I am so tired I dont have the energy or patience to be messing around with skin care.

  2. Although I want it to be quick I want it also to be effective.

  3. Results! I want and need to see results!

As my skin is combination, it can become dry. After cleansing or when I step out of the shower my skin can feel tight, which I hate. Uriage have introduced their new lightweight water cream. When it comes to body moisturiser I love the indulgence of a thick and rich cream. Although when it comes to my face I need it to be lightweight and non greasy. This lightweight cream is enriched with thermal water ( which I am already a massive fan of.) This helps to rebuild the skin’s barrier to maintain an optimum moisturization level.

I have been applying this lightweight cream Uriage Eau Thermale in the morning and night after I have cleansed my face. Applying this cream releases my skin from any tightness I am feeling. It completely hydrates my skin leaving it feel super soft. This lightweight cream is nourishing yet ultra – light. The water cream deliciously melts into my skin infusing it with an unique moisturizing complex.

In the morning right before I apply my makeup, I apply this rich water cream and it absorbs within in seconds, leaving me with the perfect smooth base to apply my foundation. Just how my morning coffee perks me up, this water cream is my caffeine for my face. Not only does it brighten my dull AM skin it nourishes and Replumps!

Just how my morning coffee perks me up, this water cream is my caffeine for my face.

In the evening, once my makeup is removed I apply a thin layer over my face to relax and soothe my skin. I love that my skin can still breath while the cream is applied. During the night as you sleep it gradually releases the moisturizing agents that it contains.

Our skin is made up of 70% water, its presence is essential for our skins as it allows it to be supple and flexible. When your skin is lacking in water, it is dehydrated and this makes your skin appear dull, have uneven texture, fine lines and is how premature aging is triggered. This water cream has become an essential in my beauty regime, delivering comfort with lasting effects.

There is two options to choose from (each 40ml €23.00)

  • Normal to combination skin.

  • Dry to very Dry

If you are looking to try Uriage, or update your own skin care routine, their collection is available nationwide in all leading pharacies.

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