La Roche – Posay have launched their Micellar water ultra collection. This collection is simple. It aims to cleanse skin and remove makeup, while offering the luxury of anti – tightness and anti – redness.

As a self acclaimed beauty obsessive hoarder, I love trying out new products. It is one of my favorite pastimes. So as you can imagine I am always mixing up my beauty regime.I grabbed this Micellar water from my beauty shelf and decided to give it a try. I began applying it to a cotton pad and applying it all over my skin.After a few weeks I began to slowly see the dry patches on my cheeks and chin begin to vanish. My skin tone also became visibly more even. My whole face looked and felt hydrated.

It is weightless on the skin removing makeup, impurities and dirt perfectly. It even melts away stubborn waterproof mascara. I love how it leaves my skin feeling clean and clear without drying it out.

I have combination skin so I need a makeup remover that can tailor suit to all my skin needs. This Micellar water is anti – tightness, anti – redness and anti – heating sensation. My skin feels fresh and comfortable right after I use it.

No Soap No Colorants No Alcohol No Parabens.

Don’t let the consistency fool you, turns out this product is much more than plain old water. Micellar water is made up of microscopic oil molecules called micelles suspended in soft water that attach to dirt, grime and makeup. Let’s break it down; Instead of foaming up and stripping your complexion like soap and cleansers, Micelles dissolve the bad stuff while keeping all the good stuff on your skin intact.

It is easy to see why Makeup Editors, Bloggers and Makeup Artists have been raving over La RochePosay Micellar collection. It’s makeup – removing and skin perfecting power cannot be denied. It is packed with soothing and decongesting ingredients and has quickly become my one stop to removing my makeup fast and effectively.

Check out their full skin care collection La Roche – Posay

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