Spring naturally fills the air with a floral gentle breeze, this fragrance is intoxicating. Wanting to create this scent through my perfumes is a must amongst the Spring season. Just like I transition my Winter wardrobe to Spring, I also transition my scents from a deep, rich and spiced aromas to fresh, floral and invigorating scents. Smells, scents and aromas are incredibly powerful. Choosing the right fragrance for Spring time is key to the feelings and sensations you evoke.

Spring is in the air!!

It takes two years for the Osmanthus shrub to grow tiny clusters of apricot -coloured flowers – As Roger Gallet know, it’s worth the wait! Fleur d’Osmanthus fragrant water is an energising scent with floral notes,citrus fruit and a wood aroma. This perfume is a swirl of Spring flowers dominated by the Orange blossom. It is a fresh, clean and wholesome aroma. Infused with mouth watering Mandarin, a squeeze of Lemon a dash of grapefruit with an added hint of woody undertones.
Fleur d’Osmanthus by Roger & Gallet is a crisp floral sweet scent that awakens your scents with each spritz. I have been keeping the 30ml (€ 19.90) in my handbag – this size is perfect when travelling, keeping on hand or to leave in your car for an added energizing yet delicate spring in your step throughout the day.

Roger & Gallet Fleur d’Osmanthus is available this Spring from pharmacies nationwide. 30ml (€19.90) as well as the 100ml ( €39.00) This fragrance is also available in a Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Travel Soap and Liquid Soap.


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