Vichy Idealia Peeling is a radiance activiating night peeling care. This is Vichy first over night peel treatment that is suitable for all skin types, includng sensitive skin. Vichy Idealia peeling is desighned to help you transform your skin into beautiful, radient, healthy – looking canvas with zero effort. This liquid peel works as you sleep to help dissolve dead skin cells and to counteract environmental damage accumulated during the day to reveal much more healthier, more radiant skin. Vichy Idealia Peeling works hard at banishing dull or uneven skin and treating irregular textures or lines and wrinkles with enzymatic exfoliation.
Vichy Idealia Night Peeling Features

  • Peeling action with Glycolic Acid and Hepes.
  • Vichy Mineralizing Thermal water sooths and calms.
  • Anttioxidant rich black Tea and Blueberry containing Polyphenols.
  • Liquid essence for use at night.
  • Delivers a radiant, more even complexion.
  • Makes skin feel smoother.
  • Continued use will enhance natural glow and reduce the look of wrinkles.

How to use

You simply apply Vichy Idealia night peeling on to cleansed skin using a cotton pad before your regular skin care regime. This product feels gently on your skin as it has been formulated for sensitive skin. So if you have been wanting to use a gylcolic acid product for exfoliation and radiance but find many options to be harsh, then this could work for you. I like that it is one quick step, minimal effort with extraordinary results.

I like that it is one quick step, minimal effort – with extraordinary results.

I do not use this product every night as I dont feel my skin needs an intense exfoliate every night but I find three times a week works a charm. Vichy products I have always find to be very effective in general and this newest product does not dissapoint! I like that no matter how hectic my life gets or how tired I am in the evenings, Vichy Idealia night peeling makes it easy to keep on top of my skincare .

Powerful active ingredients rejuvenate the skin overnight, revealing a natural, radiant glow. Designed for those with a fast paced lifestyle, looking for a boost for dull skin.

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