Cailyn Cosmetics have launched their new matte liptick.I have been using the shades from the two sets ” The orange funky trio and “The retro look trio.” The initial trio set consist of three shades from pinks to an orange gradually getting deeper into their red selection. The pink shades are a mix between rosey and baby pink shades. The three red shades come in a bright Ferrari red, the classic 1920s red shade and a deep berry red. The orange shades have the same color impact with beige undertones to not wash you out.

These shades are great and would compliment every skin tone. When it comes to matte lipsticks, for me its boils down to three things

  • Coverage
  • Pigmentation
  • Staying power

This lipstick is the best liquid lipstick on the Market in my opinion and has quickly become my favorite. This lipstick has set the new standard for what a liquid lipstick can and should be.

Extremely high voltage colour + extremely matte + watweproof

I prefer liquid lipsticks to anything else because of their coverage, pigmentation, and more than anything, their staying power. These Cailyn matte lipsticks really do let you have it all. The formula is light yet very pigmented. You could do your entire lips with a single coat if you really wanted to.

It dries super matte while still being flexible, non sticky and comfortable. It really is not going anywhere once they dry. So you can eat and Drink through out the day without worrying about touch ups. You may have to apply more depending on what you just ate for lunch but other than that they are bombproof!! I could shower and the lip would stay on – really…. They are lightly fragranced but that disappears on drying. So no need to worry about any heavy scents.

The Cailyn matte trio set is €50 to purchase. These liquid lipsticks match the shades to their Cailyn pure lust Extreme tint which retails at €20 individually.

Check out the full collection CailynIreland

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