This has been my first facial in nine years, yes you heard me right, Nine years! After having a bad experience in the past it completely scared me from facials and treatments. However, after being invited into Complete Laser Care for a treatment , I was excited to give it a go. I am 27 and realize it is now the perfect time to take my skin care to the next level. Aging unfortunately is inevitable but the TLC you show you skin now will play a big impact in how fine lines and wrinkles appear.

Image Skin care

Image skin care is loved by many of the popular beauty bloggers across Ireland. Pippa O’Connor Ormond, Chloe Boucher, Retro flame and even male blogger The Galway player are just some of the ever growing fans of Image Skincare. When I found out we had a clinic in Limerick that offer Image skin care products and treatments, I was eager to try it out.Catherine Waters is the owner at Complete laser care and will be celebrating its ten years in the business this year. She is a specialist in the beauty and cosmetic industry for over a deacade. She is extremly knowegable and experienced.

For every night you do not remove your make up – your skin is aging by one day.

After my consultation, I begun prepping my skin with Image skincare two weeks prior to my treatment. Any worries I had – melted away. During my consultation Catherine tailored made a personalized plan to suit my skin needs. In the build up to my treatment the products that I was using by Image skincare were:

  • Balancing facial cleanser – A gel cleanser that lifts away makeup and impurities, balances the PH of your skin and eliminates the need of a toner. It is a blend of organic chamomile and green tea and delivers essential nutrients to restore your skin’s natural balance, leaving your skin feeling completely refreshed, hydrated and clean.
  • Balancing Bio – Peptide creme – An organically blended bio – that delivers essential anti aging nutrients and vitamins for your skin. Infused with japanese green tea, aloe vera, chamomile and grape seed to restore and balance the skin. I found this moisturizer very soothing and relaxing on my skin. I applied it at night.
  • Total Facial cleanser – A daily universal cleanser that exfoliates and gently removes makeup, and tones for the ultimate skin balance. As this toner is packed with active ingredients – I begun using this twice a week and built it up gradually to three times a week , before my treatment.
  • Daily matte moisturizer oil free 32+ SPF – A daily oil free UVA\UVB mattifying moisturizer. This moisturizer absorbs surface oils and leaves skin with a matte, shine – free finish. ( perfect if like me you surfer with an oily T- Zone) Used daily will decrease damaging effects of the sun and environmental exposures.

By simply introducing a quality SPF 25+ to your skin care routine – it will dramatically help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as you grow older.

Complete Laser Care

I arrived to Complete Laser care, on the 1st floor, 43 O’Connell street in Limerick city center. I closed the door to the hustle and bustle of the city and was welcomed into a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Soft soothing music can be heard whispering in the background – while the flicker from candels set the tranquil ambiance. Complete Laser Care is located in a Georgian building in the core of Limerick.

Micro peeling

My treatment started off with a deep cleanse freeing my pores from dirt and makeup . Catherine then used microdermabrasion which removes dead skin cells. It was completely painless and I felt a tiny suction on my pores. Which was quite a satisfying feeling- having the toxins drawn out of my skin.

The micro peel is a mild treatment, the least heavy of all chemicals. It is used to make the skin become smoother, enhance the appearance, reduce pore size and discoloration. This chemical peel was all natural infused with papaya, pineapple, pumpkin and a mango blend of organic and medically effective ingredients. This treatment is designed to rebalance tired, stressed and dull looking skin. I relaxed with this treatment on my face for approximately 10 minutes before been removed. It felt super fresh with a tingly sensation pulsing into my skin. This treatment left my skin glowing like it never has before. To finish off the treatment my skin was gently cleansed once again.

Heading into the city center Tuesday morning – makeup free I have to admit to feeling self cautious and burying my head into my scarf. On leaving Complete laser care feeling fresh faced and still no make up on but with much more confidence.

After one treatment I was shocked at the results. My skin was visibly brighter, softer and clearer. As I have always had enlarged pores I couldn’t believe my pores have visably shrunken dramatically. My skin tone had also become much more even. Friends and family have been commenting on my once tired skin is now glowing and appears healthier.

Skin care is the same as going to the gym. If you go the gym once don’t expect to be fit forever. Skin care needs be be maintained with a continual regime.

Complete Laser care offer a free of charge consultation which involves one to one discussion of treatment to suit the individual client. Complete laser care also offer Skin Analysis and host Mineral-Make Up events.Catherine Waters is not only a highly skilled and talented skin therapist but also has performed thousands of laser treatments. Anyone who books an appointment with Complete Laser Care will appreciate its discreet environment.
Bride to be

Brides to be this year can avail of 15 % off their packages in Complete Laser Care in preparation for their big day. It is reccommended for flawless skin, that brides need to start preparing their skin a good 4-6 months in advance before their wedding day.

Check out the full list of treatments they offer online or to book a treatment\ consultation Complete Laser Care
Keep up to date with new products and treatments on their social media Facebook and Instagram


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