I have introduced a cleansing face brush into my skin care regime. 2016 was the first time I really got into using a skin care routine. Usually I just did the bare minuim. I always removed my makeup before bed and moisturized. Every few weeks I would use a face mask, but that was about it. I am still learing what products suit my skin best – but I have also found some of my must have products that I now swear by. For a skin care beginner my regime is now begining to make shape in the form of – make up remover, a night cream, a day cream, thermale water spray and corrective creams. Which I think I will talk about in another blog post as it is a mix of different brands. My skin has never looked better and is reaping the benefits of finally introducing a much needed skin care routine.

After some research I was intrigued about electrical face brushes. They seemed to be the answer to my skin care problems – promising younger, fresher and blemish free skin. I have to admit when these first came on the market I didn’t buy into the hype or the price tag. With some pricing over the 200 euro mark. I wasn’t willing to splash the cash on a product that may not live up to the hype, so I pulled out my laptop and searched through Amazon. I came across some great little finds for fracton of the price.

Hangsun SC100 sonic skin cleansing system

I purchased the Hangsun SC100. It is a cleansing vibrating face brush that cleanes the face with a massaging process. It shows to be 7 times more effected then a traditional washing process. It also allows skin care products to be absorbed into the skin properly. With continue use it can refine pores, smooth wrinkles and improve complexion. It also makes the skin smooth and bright. What more could you ask for?

  • It is light weight
  • It massages the application of creams into the skin -keeping it nourished and hydrated.
  • It is waterproof ( so you can use it in the shower.)
  • Rechareable ( There are brushes that are battery opperated but I would advise on going for a rechareable one. It is alot less hassel and you never need to worry about replacing batteries – just plug it in and charge.)

How I like to use the Sonic skin cleansing system

I have being using this face brush daily now for three months. I use it at night once I have removed my makeup. I damp my face, apply a foaming cleanser and use the the brush as follows

  • Cleansing forehead for 20 seconds
  • Nose\chin for 20 seconds
  • Both cheeks for 10 seconds each ( in a circular motion)

Turn off machine – pat my face dry and add my cream. Make sure to also dry your face brush gently and cover it again with cap to keep clean.

Package contains

  • 1 x Hangsun Facial cleansing brush
  • 1 x user manual
  • 2 x brush heads ( 1 x face brush + 1 x body brush head)

My skin has being completely revamped since I have started using this face brush even making applying makeup easier with a smoother finish.I am so impressed with this product that my both sisters have now also begun using an electric face brush.

Although this face brush is now sold out on Amazon, I have found it on their own website. I have also found two more types all at different price ranges.


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