I have always been obsessed with eyelashes since as long as I can remember. Its crazy how tiny hairs that happen to grow from your eyelids can make such a big difference to your appearance and confidence. I love the idea of waking up bright eyed and bushy tailed, batting my flirtatious eyelashes. This makes me sound crazy I know!! To be honest I have quite dark and long (ish) eyelashes naturally but hey your allowed a little extra oomph every now and again.

I am all about the lashes, brows and lips when it comes to my beauty regime.

I called into the very talented eyelash extension salon Effect in Limerick city center – where eyelashes are their specialty. Closing the door behide me to the hustle and bustle of the city streets and I was welcomed into a relaxing environment.The technician Monica kept warm pressure on my forehead the entire time to keep me still and soothed. The procedure was very relaxing and comfortable. It didn’t hurt at all. I just needed to lie down with my eyes closed and she covered me when a soft and comforting blanket (The hardest thing for me to do is to relax and to stay still.I struggled to fight the urge to not grab my phone)

  • Full set of eyelashes took 2 hours €60
  • Half set of eyelashes -90 mins €40
  • Refills €40 every 3 to 4 weeks

Once finished I had fluttery, customized lashes that perfectly lined my lids in the most glamorous way. You can choose between different lengths and styles. Eg : long and curly / natural with a Pre curl . The technician can also advise you on which style will blend most natural with your own eyelashes. I went for a natural Pre curl with a little longer to the outer corners of my eyes. They look very natural with just a bit of added thickness!

I like to treat myself to eyelash extensions when I can. Its great on days I am going make up free as they still give the appearance of full long dark lashes making me look awake and put together. When I have my eyelash extensions applied I do not need to wear mascara, I simply brush them and be on my way. I do not wear much eye make up but when you do wear eyeshadow you need to be very careful when removing it. Try not to just wipe and pull at your eye.

The more you take care of them the longer they will last. A full set of lashes will obviously last you longer then a half set. I usually don’t start to see any fall out till a month after application. Usually by four weeks my lashes still look in great condition but I do start to yearn for the days when I could wipe and rub my eyes ferociously and smear on thick coatings of eye cream . For now I am loving having my eyelash extensions back, very little maintenance is required and applying my makeup in the mornings is now super quick. No need to be messing around with strip lashes, glue or mascara. I think these are a great idea for when you are going on holidays or trips.

Contact Monika on her facebook page Monika eyelash extensions


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