Christmas gifting can leave us feeling well, a bit under presssure. I think everyone feels the pinch around Christmas season so I am here to help you out! Whether you are looking to save a little money but dont want to compromise on quality- then Ziaja gift sets wont dissapoint! Ziaja wraps up the best of their naturally inspired skin care heroes in this gift set collection to save you time and money. All these sets are guaranteed to put a smile on that some one specials face. Ziaja offer 8 festive gifts to choose from from.

”All ziaja products are dermatologically tested, hypo – allerienic and contain innovative formulas that blend natural and organic active ingredientss. Ziaja products are not tested on animals.”

  • Ziaja family bath and shower set
  • Ziaja men set
  • Ziaja Cocoa butter set
  • Ziaja Cashmere set
  • Ziaja silk set
  • Ziaja Manuka set
  • Ziaja natural olive set

I have fallen in love with the Cocoa butter set. It contains a creamy shower soap,body lotion and hand cream. I love the scent of Cocoa butter. No matter what season I apply it, it instantly brings me back to warmer days to when I lived in Lanzarote. Cocoa butter addicts will love this pampering pack to keep your winter skin soft, radiant and smelling of summer. These bottles are HUGE!!

Creamy shower soap 500ml

Indulge your senses with Cocoa butter as you shower. massage this creamy shower soap into your skin until foam appears. Stepping out of the shower you cant help but feel pampered and luxurious.

Body lotion 400ml

The body lotion comes in a pump style bottle making application super easy and quick. Cocoa butter improves skin elasticity and moisture levels and strengthens the skin natural protective barrier. It leaves a beautiful sweet scent that stays with you all day. It comforts your skin with some added TLC. It drys in within seconds of applying with no sticky feeling afterwords. This allows you to get dress as soon as finished applying.(No standing around waiting for it to dry,which is very much needed when living in Ireland…)

Handcream 80ml

I have been keeping this handcream in my handbag and applying on the go. It leaves my hands heavnly scented in a sweet aroma of cocoa butter. I love that I can smell the scent of cocoa butter through out the day. My hands are left feeling soft and hydrated. I also love that it drys in quick so I am not left with a greasy feeling on my hands. ( which is a pet peeve of mine)

This is the perfect gift of indulgent this Christmas.These gift sets are a steal at the moment! All of these sets are all on sale for under โ‚ฌ15.99 or less!!

Shop Ziaja Christmas set sale

Shop my favourite The Cocoa butter set for only โ‚ฌ9.99

I hosted a fun competition over on my instagram during the week collaborating with Ziaja skin care, for a chance to win a Cocoa butter gift set ! Congratulations to Katie Long from Co.Clare on winning this Christmas gift set. #ziajalove


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