Everybody is talking bigger, fuller and luscious lips. Kylie Jenner is owning this trend for 2016 and it doesnt seem to be going anywhere. With NYC Cosmetics you can achieve the perfect pout for the upcoming party season.I have been trying two of their newest shadest. Shades’ Perfect Red’ and’ Butter’ NYC lipsticks look every inch of sophistication in their monochrome packaging. They look so chic sitting on my vanity or pulling them out of my handbag. The lipstick tube is simple and elegant just how I like my makeup to be.

MLS 10 Perfect Red is a deep red shade. It has a velvet smooth feel to it with a matte finish.It is bright and rich, giving your lips a vibrant shade that will really make them POP! I am a red lipstick kind of girl no matter what season we are in, but I epecially do love a festive red lip over the Christmas holidays. This shade will give you vivid bright lips with a satin finsh.

MLS21 Butter is a dreamy nude shade. Although this lipstick has a matte finish it has a creamy constency. I really like this as I find it not to be too drying on my lips. I think this nude is very unique as it is the perfect nude shade with slight understones of a light pink. So although this lipstick is a nude-ish shade it still is very pigmented.One layer of lipstick and you are ready to go!

NYX Cosmetics’s tips to acheving fuller lip this upcoming party season.

  1. Gently exfoliate lips to remove all dead skin. This is an important step when wearing matte lipsticks. ( I find a home made lip scrub using sugar works a charm.)
  2. Starting off with a nude liner, begin at the corners of your lips by drawing triangles to create the desired shape.
  3. Next slightly outline the outside of the top and bottom lip. Repeat to create a more dramatic look. It is important to choose a liner that will match the desired shade. This will help avoid any harsh unblended lines.
  4. The final step to creating HD lips is to divide your lips ( top and bottom) with three vertical lines left to right. ( Dont worry if these lines look harsh as they will be blended and covered with your lipstick) Then simply cover your lips with your chosen colour of lipstick and Voila – Simple ans sexy.
  • Top tips!

Make sure to sharpen your lipliner pencil before each use to make it easier and more accurate when outlining your lips. Also try to outline your lips with a concelar to define them even more!


2 thoughts on “The perfect pout with NYC matte lipstick

    1. I find them quite long lasting comparing them to the likes of Mac for eg but not quite as long lasting as the 16hr provocalips by Rommel only problem I find with the Provocalips is it can be quite drying but I find NYX lipsticks to be matte but moisturizing x

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