Christmas gifts set are everywhere right now. A product that I keep seeing popping up in these gifts sets are Thermal water. I am late to the party with this product I must admit. I never believed in the hype – I cluelessly thought it was just your plain H20 spray and that its purpose was to cool you down and keep you feeling fresh!

So what is Thermal water?

Thermal water is a type of mineral water that is located deep underground which contains healing properties and is exempt from bacteria and pollution. Naturally pure and rich in mineral salts, iodine and C02, Thermal water is recognized for its therapeutic properties,particularly those that concern the skin. Thermal water spray is jam packed with 15 minerals. Researching into this product showed me French Women have been using this as their secret weapon to healthier looking skin for years!

Five amazing reasons to add Thermal water spray to part of your skin care routine.

  1. Thermal water spray is great for anyone that suffers with tight, irritated or dry skin after cleansing.
  2. You are literally spraying your pores with 15 natural minerals letting your skin soak in all the nutrients.
  3. It also can be used as a natural antioxidant to set your makeup.
  4. Instead of dampening your beauty blender with water to blend out foundation or concealer. You can spray your beauty blender with Thermal water, enriching your skin with all natural minerals while applying your makeup.
  5. During or after workouts it can help you to keep cool and refreshed.

Shop Uriage Eau Thermale water spray Here


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