Fabuloss Teatox

I am tea obsessed! I love trying out new flavours, the more unique the infusion the better. I have always enjoyed Green tea with lemon, raspberry tea and of most recently peppermint tea. My october was hectic, I not only walked in my first fashion show at the beginning of the month but I also hosted and organised my first fashion show at the end of the month.I am first to admit my fitness suffered over my busy schedule. Starting fresh in November and finding my rhythm once again. I have made it my priority to get back into training and to my healthy eating. Straight away I have noticed a boast in my energy levels and mood. I was feeling bloated and little sluggish after October, and being struck with what seemed like the longest flu ever didn’t help the situation.I started my two weeks Fabuloss teatox to kick start my metabolism.Along with working out four times a week I have enjoyed adding this teatox plan to my regime.

What is a teatox?

Fabuloss is a tea that blends real hand picked herbs in small batches to provide unsurpassed quality. This is a two step teatox ( Morning boost and a Night cleanser) They focus on complete body detoxification. It includes digestive aiding, aniseed, peppermint and dandelion, while herbs include nettle fennel and hawthorn actually boost the body’s circulation function. A cup in the morning and night will help boost the performance of your body’s digestive system which may increase your body’s ability to lose weight, leaving you feel energized and less fatigued.

Step 1 Daytox Morning boost

This blend of tea has a great berry taste. It has been crafted by experts to maximize detoxing. It kick starts your body into functioning more effectively. I have found it is also great for helping to minimizing water retention which causes you to bloat. The morning boost tea has not completely replaced my morning coffee hit, but I have been doing my best to drink this tea first thing in the morning.

Step 2 – Sleeptox Night cleanse

A calming night time herbal tea with soothing lavender, ginger, dandelion, anise seed and stevia for sweetness. This tea gently purifies and flushes your body of toxins. The natural blend of herbal extracts has a calming and soothing effect while the gentle formula cleanses the digestive system while you sleep.I have enjoyed my little night time routine of removing my makeup, applying my night cream and settling down with a hot cup of herbal tea in these cold winter evenings.

Fabuloss teatox come in prepared tea bags so need to worry about any infusers. The tea bags make it quick and convenient to take with you on the go. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, are wheat free,dairy free,nut free,caffeine free,gluten free soya free,safe to take with any pill and absolutely no laxatives.

Shop Fabuloss Here

Morning boost €14.99 Night cleanse €14.99 or together €24.99

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