Vichy invites you to give the gift of ideal skin to your loved ones this christmas, through six bespoke gift sets. Each set combines the best selling products from each Vichy range, to create the perfect skincare routine for your skin type. As I have combination skin I have been trying out the Aqualia Thermal gift set. This set ensures balanced hydration across all facial zones. These sets are the perfect gift as they are filled with every girls skin care essentials. Each set has between four or five products, and each product in these sets are the best selling products from each range! So you will be confident in knowing that you will be using only all luxurious and quality products in these sets.

These sets are the perfect gift for anyone who likes to indulge and pamper their skin. If you find skin care can be all a little dauting and not sure where to start or what products will suit your skin.These sets are perfect for you to try out as you will have a set with four customized products to suit your skin type.

The Vichy Aqualia Thermal set includes :

  • Purete thermale cleansing micellar solution (200ml)
  • Aqualia Thermal light day cream (50ml)
  • Aqualia Thermal night cream (15ml)
  • Thermal Spa water (50ml)

Purete thermale cleansing micellar solution.

Removing my makeup has become a luxury. I look forward to cleansing my face and having a fresh faced feeling before bed. This micellar solution feels like it has been specially designed for my skin. This is the added bonus to using a set that fits with the description of your skin type. It will feel tailored made to suit you. This micellar solution goes deep into my pores removing any traces of makeup from my skin. It leaves my face with a tingley fresh face feeling.

Aqualia Thermal light day cream.

I am loving this moisturizer for noramal to combination skin. It is a thick and rich consistency and it is paraben free. I have been applying this cream in the morning right after my shower. It adds a awakening boost to my skin, leaving it feel smooth and illuminating. This cream is jam packed with Kombucha, a powerful extract issued from tea. This cream is designed to smooth the look of wrinkles. It is never too early to start using anti- ageing cream. I was at a makeup master class recently where the makeup artist said something that really stuck with me.
“Once you start getting fine lines and wrinkles the damage is already done, and although it will happen to all of us with time ( Thank you Mother nature) It is now we can start working on prolonging it.”
So girls start using a day moisturizer like this one, that is aimed in skin texture,complexion and wrinkles.

Aqualia Thermal night cream.

This was my first time trying Vichy thermal night cream. As I am a massive fan of Vichy, I always hold extremly high expectations for their products. I have fallen in love with this night cream. This cream works its magic as you sleep. It plumps your skin and leaves you with a fresh complexion upon awakening. The magic that is in this formula, even if you have a crappy night sleep, your skin will look and feel like you have had your eight hours of beauty sleep. This night cream has given my skin so much needed TLC!! It has a floral scent and is quite a rich consitency. A little goes a long way with this product. It has an immdediate smoothing effect, it leaves my skin feeling super soft.

Aqualia Thermal spa water.

I am new to thermal water spray. So this has been a new experience for me. I researched into it, and discovered this themal water spray is jam packed with 15 minerals. It is born in the French volcanoes. Researchng into this product showed me that French women have been using this as their secret weapon to healthier looking skin for years! You are litrally spraying your pores with 15 different natural minerals and letting your skin soak in all the nutrients. This product is great for anyone that suffers with tight, irratated or dry skin after cleansing. It leaves your skin feeling extremly hydrated and also has a calming effect on your skin.

Since I have been using this skin care, people have been noticing my skin looking healthier, fresher and brighter.

The Vichy Aqualia Thermal gift set is €30.00 to purchase. Available in all leading pharmacies nationwide.

Check out Vichy online Here


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