Anybody who knows me knows how much I love wearing hair extensions. My natural hair is just pass my shoulders and I love adding length and volume to it. I have for years choosen clip in hair as my style of choice. One of the main reasons I continue to opt for clip in hair extensions is because it gives me the choice to have long thick glamorous hair or clip it all out, and throw it up into a messy bun.Without my hair extenions I do tend to feel a little naked. I have been wearing clip in extensions for so many years now, that they are like my comfort blanket -they give me a confidence boost!! Do I wish my hair was just naturally long?? hell yes, but for now these beautiful clip in extensions from KoKo Couture will do me just perfectly!
I have been wearing the five weft synethic clip in hair extensions. These hair extensions are called Candice and are pre-styled into loose curls. You get so much hair in a pack that I beleive it is possible to split this set into two sepearte sets.

This five piece set weighing 300 grams contains:

  • Weft 1 – 2.8″ 2 Clips
  • Weft 2 – 2.8″ 2 Clips
  • Weft 3 – 5.7″ 3 Clips
  • Weft 4 – 7.5″ 4 Clips
  • Weft 5 – 10.4″ 5 Clips

The length I have been wearing is 20 inches. As these hair extensions are synthetic it is advised to use heat up to 180 degrees in Celsius. Do not use higher temperatures as that will damage the fibre. KoKo Couture offer a great hair shade matching service. If you send them a picture of your hair they will perfectly match it to your shade. I love that these extensions come in a wide array of colours, especially for blonde shades. They are so many different tones and shades making them so easy to blend in with your natural hair.

These extensions are extremly comfortable to wear. They are so quick and easy to attach to your own hair. With them being pre styled it gives the impression you just stepped out of the hair salon with a fresh bouncy blow dry every time you wear them. Just a quick brush through and you are ready to go. These extensions blend effortlessly with your own hair, giving the impression that this is your own natural long luxurious hair. My shade is 24/613 in light golden blonde. Shop my shade here for £21.99 or check out their entire collection of hair extensions right Here


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