Hair with bad habits!


As my hair is highlighted every six weeks, taking care of my hair is priority. Especially  coming into autumn as the weather is changing . I love switching up my hair care routine every few months to introduce new ingridents to my hair. Alfaparf Milano have launched a new range of luxurious hair care products.  They have been specially formulated to nourish and provide a new vitality to parched, dry, dull hair without weighing it down. This range has been desighned spececially for hair that is damaged from over exposure to the sun, heat,chemical treatments, bleach and by using aggressive products.

When it comes to my hair care regime at home I always try to use the most natural products on my hair. The precious nature range contain 100% natural extracts. It is entirly free from :

  • Sulphates
  • Parabens
  • Paraffin
  • Mineral oils
  • Synthtic dyes
  • Allergens.

What I first used this cleansing conditioner, I  was intriged that it did not lather up – in fact it is soap-free and is a low – lathering formula, that provides suppleness mangeability and shine while gently cleansing. This would be great for anyone that finds foaming agents used in many shampoos too arrgressive for everyday use on damaged hair. As this product is a cleansing conditioner which means you are cleansing your hair with a conditioner, rather then a shampoo. It wont strip the hair of moisture or weigh it down even if used daily. This is perfect to pop into your gymbag to use as a one stop to clense and condition.

– Relax, Rejuvenate, breathe, Refresh, Enjoy, Nourish, Renew-

I love how it leaves my hair feeling weightless and refreshed. I havnt even mentioned my favourite piece about this product yet. The dreamy scent of walnut infused with a fruity fig is a mouthwatering sweet aroma. Infusing fig Adds new vitality and softness to hair while walnut Increases the strength of sensitized hair.

There are three products in this Precious nature range – Cleansing conditioner, retructurning shampoo and double cream leave in conditioner. You can check out the full range here Thirsty hair with bad habits



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