I like my scent to be an expression of myself without having to say a word. I take choosing a scent very important as scents make memories come alive. I love how a certain scent can bring you back in time to a certain moment or remind you of a ceratain loved one. It is pretty amazing we can identity people,places and memories by simply a scent. That is the magical power of aroma. So choosing the scent you want to be identifed with is an significant task.
When I heard Artistry were intoducing the launch of their new luxury fragrance Flora Chic, I knew it would be every inch of sophistication, grace and elegancance. I fell in love instantly with Flora Chic and its velvety smooth sweet floral scent of roses infused with a blend of sparkling citrus. This perfume is the answer to my love of exclusive fragrances. I would hate to walk past someone and for them to be able to pin point excatly what perfume I am wearing. I like my fragrance to be unique, selective and special. Flora Chic offers a luxiourious scent that is anything but ordinary.

The elite notes that compose Artistry Flora Chic include:

  • French Clementine – a top note od sparkling citrus with hints of mandarin floral and sweet orange freshness,
  • Bulgarian Rose – The middle note and heart of the fragrance,at once soft and deep, sensual and sweet.
  • Ylang Ylang Madagacar – The base note is a fruity, sweet creamy floralwith exotic and earthy undertones.

Flora chic was developed by the prestigious Fine Fragrance House of Givaudan, located in Paris France and New York city. A global leader in fragrance creation, its perfumes have designed the worlds most sought after scents for more than 250 years. The exclusive combination of notes that compose Artistry Flora chic was inspired by the legendary Les Jardins De Bagatelle in Paris.

Artistry Flora Chic’s stylish bottle was desighned by worldwide creative director of Select World, Oliver Van Doorne. The bottle cap alone is composed of twenty individul components and crafted with the personal touch of twenty- eight artisans . Which is pretty impresive! The elegant detail on this bottle is unique and is easy to see it has been designed with care. It looks exquisite and every inch of sophistication sitting proudly on my dressing table. Flora Chic is the perfect finishing touch to your daily beauty regimen.

You can celebrate the new beginning of the Artistrys Newest fragrance launch which can be found on

Artistry Flora Chic โ‚ฌ72.10


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