It is a dull wet morning. The school run is done and I am finishing my second coffee of the morning. I am snuggled into my Favourite Freddy gym leggings and I looking over my To- do list. I am feeling tired and a little stressed, the last thing I want to do is workout. Regardless I start setting up my exercise mat and prepare my weights. I log into my account with Results with Lucy to check out what todays workout will be. Some days I struggle to find the motivation but thinking of how great I will feel once its done, pushes me to find the enthusiasm. I always find once I am into the swing of training – motivation, energy and enthusiasm comes naturally, especially when I start seeing results. My downfall is if I have skipped two training days (or maybe three sshhh) I find it so difficult to get back into it. So below I have listed my five tips that help me to staying motivated and on track.

  1. Preparation is key.

Whether it is prepping meals, organising your gym bag or laying out your fitness gear the night before, being prepared makes it so much easier to get in to a routine and to stick to it. Once the hectic morning is in full swing and the school run is done, coming home to quick coffee and starting my workout for 10am is my morning ritual. Done and dusted by 11am, Shower and I can go about the rest of my day. Between answering emails, staying on top of house work, collecting my son and attending which ever therapies and after school activities may be scheduled for that day. Come evening time I am thankful I have prepared a delicious meal earlier. Which means it helps me to stop reaching for unhealthier options . I am fairly new to prepping meals but now since I have started I don’t know how I lived any other way.

‘You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet’

2..Girls just want to have fun!

Having a gym bunny friend can be a wonderful company when it comes to working out. It can make your time working out more enjoyable and exciting whilst still getting that support along the way. If you have a gym buddy you could start a simple ritual together. It could be as small as grabbing a smoothie or a coffee after your workout or hitting the steam room to relax and chat. If like me you are training from home I feel in great company with Ceilcia Harris and Lucy Mecklenburgh from Results with I love Ceilcia’s words of motivation before each work out, I find myself laughing out loud with their jokes and screaming along with them holding planks for dear life! How ever you choose to train try to add a fun element to keep you motivated and enjoying your workout sessions.

Having fun gym gear that i enjoy getting into helps to motivated me. Khloe kardahians fitness wardrobe is serious goals! I find what I train in just as important as what I wear everyday. I like my fitness clothes to feel comfortable and supportive. I like to feel snug and able to bend and squat without having to yank my leggings up. Freddy leggins are a favourite of mine. Slipping into these babies always give me the motivation to train. They are thick spadex like material that lift and hug you in all the right places! Not only are they very flattering to wear they look stylish and so pretty. They come in a wide array of lengths,styles and colours to brighten up your early mornings or late evening work outs. All of their fitness clothes are made with minimal stitching and a ‘ heart’ cut shape for an effective booty lift.I love that if I need to to do the school run in my training gear or nip over to the supermarket before I start my workout I can still feel put together. All of Freddy’s sport wear are made with luxurious materials, making you look and feel every bit of a stylish/sporty spice!

3.Listen to your body.

I am always happy I have worked out once it is finished. I have never thought after a work out ‘ I regret working out today’ but I have most definitely regretted missing my workouts. Acknowledge how you feel after each work out. I feel happy, I feel motivated I feel energized. Happy endorphins kick in like clock work and I carry that feeling with me throughout the day.

4.The importance of rest days.

Taking rest days are also as important as working out. Letting your body recharge its batteries is very important. I work out four days a week and rest for three days. On rest days use this day to relax, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Remember to take rest days when need to – without feeling guilty. You will soon have the itch to get back at it.

5. It is a lifestyle not a quick fix.

As soon as you stop looking at working out as part as a chore and more of a lifestyle change the better. Anybody would agree it is nice to loose a little of unwanted weight or to tone up but working out is just as important for keeping physically healthy and mentally healthy. Don’t look at working out as a short journey or just a quick fix. Think of it as a permanent change working towards a healthier and better version of yourself.

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