When I think of the body shop I always think of luxurious body butters and oils, but as of recently they are on a roll with amazing beauty products also. They have launched their new Down to earth range which include these eyeshadow palettes. The body shop are known for their high quality products. Their products are 100% vegan, with no added parabens, mineral oils, petroleum and they are enriched with sesame & babassu oils.

The Down to earth eyeshadow palette comes in a chic sturdy black case. I much prefer this hard plastic packaging over a cardboard palette any day. ( which a lot of companies seem to be steering towards lately) This palette is a black sleek compact with is very own large mirror inside. It has a clip closure to keep it securely locked – perfect for when you pop it into your handbag. I find the clip closure much more ideal then a lot of the magnetic cases that are on the market at the moment.

The first palette is every womens neutral eyeshadow dream. There is eight shades From pale sands and cool metals, to warm clays and deep gemstones. You are spoilt for choice making it easy to create an infinity of looks using the Down to Earth eyeshadow palette, with smooth mattes, glossy satins and glimmering sparkles. These shades make for great neutral day time looks and spectacular Smokey eyes to bring you right from day to night.

The second palette is their Down to earth Quads. This palette again is 100% vegan with no added parabens, mineral oils or petroleum. This palette comes in five different options to choose from. It is available in a wide range of neutral shades to highlight the natural beauty of all skin tones & eye colours. I love on the back of the quads palette it gives you a helpful diagram on how to create three different looks. A soft look, almond look and a smoky look. Perfect for all budding MUA or complete amateurs like me. This case also comes in a sturdy black sleek palette with its very own mirror inside. All of these eyeshadow shades can be used dry for easy blending, or wet for more intense and vibrant colours.

A very cool design feature to this product is that all of these eyeshadows can all be removed and switched between palettes. This gives you the freedom to customizing your very own palette with all your favourite shades. Making it easy to have all your favourite eyeshadows in one handy palette.

You can check out The Down to earth eyeshadow palettes here You can also follow them on Instagram here to keep up to date with all of their new and exciting products that will be launching.


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