As I am a massive fan of Vichy products, I always hold high expectations towards their new products. Vichy seems to agree with my skin. I love Vichy and Vichy loves me, it is the perfect skin care relationship. The newest product I will be adding to my ever growing Vichy collection, is their nourishing cleansing milk balm. This cream melts into my skin beautifully whilst removing my makeup and nourishing my skin. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated soft and soothed. I have also found that it has been evening out my skin tone.

I love how it leaves my skin feeling radiant without a greasy or sticking finish. More recently I have begun trying to lessen the amount of chemicals I put on my skin. I am defiantly not claiming to be an all natural beauty guru, but if I can lessen the impact of chemicals used on my skin, I will defiantly try. Vichy milk balm is kind to your skin, it is paraben free and alcohol free. Vichy Purete Thermale is suitable for sensitive skin. It is also enriched in thermal spa water to leave your skin feeling refreshed. ( without the tight dry feeling.)

I apply it to my skin with a cotton pad, no rinsing required. Using Vichy has become a genuine moment of pleasure as part of my bed time skin care routine. This product is €13.95 to purchase. You can check out Vichy online here and also locate your local stockist of Vichy products.


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