Funderland held a special session for children and adults with disabilities. During this session all the rides are run at a slower pace then usual with no
strobe lighting. My son whom has a diagnosis of autism tends to find crowded or noisey environments difficult to cope in. Sometimes this can make every day activities hard such as been in a busy shopping center,post office or a kids center etc.

This was our 2nd year attendimg this event in funderland for children and adults with disabilities. Previous years my son has not enjoyed funderland. The noise and the crowds caused anxiety and a sensory overload. I know this is something he would absolutely love, if he could control the environment . He is obsessed with all Disney related. I would love to bring him to Disney land , but I do worry that he would enjoy the idea of it, rather then been in the reality of a hustle and bustle Disney land. If I could pay to have it closed for just Dylan for the day , I would.

I was debating whether to write this blog post as although it wasn’t a complete ” success” it was such a vast improvement from the previous years when we attended funderland.

I have to say funderland organize such an amazing day. Everything was completly complementary and they arrange plenty of stewards to assist you on the day. You are greeted into the funfair with open arms. The environment is so relaxed and comfortable . I think only a parent that has been left standing a little red faced in a supermarket while their son or daughter is having a full on melt down, can appreciate the accepting atmosphere and environment in funderland today. ( sorry to the lady with the minion bag that my son was convinced was his one)

Although Dylan didn’t want to go on any of carnival rides , we still walked all around the funfair which to us, in itself is a success. He even posed for some pictures and tried some candyfloss which was followed by yuck!! On leaving Dylan was given a little treat bag which he was delighted with. He waved ‘byebye’ till next year.

Such an amazing and modernized event created by Funderland.I applaud their fresh and incentive way of including everyone in the funfair experience.


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