This month I have discovered some great new products for my April favourites.

Truself organics face mask

I absolutely love this face mask. It comes in powder form, that you then add water to make it into a creamy consistency. Apply it all over your face until it hardens. While your waiting for this mask to dry, you can actually feel it pulsing on your pores, literally soaking up all the nutrients. After I washed it off my skin, it was left feeling super soft, clear and refreshed. I have never found such great results from a skin care mask after my first use. This mask promises to help to prevent and reduce blemishes, wrinkles and pore size. It is also 100% natural . Check out Trueself organics here


Coco Mademoiselle

I love that a scent can make memories come alive. I have been wearing a new scent lately, Coco mademoiselle . It is a unique sweet floral scent. It has a rich balance of delicate feminine notes. This perfume is so distinctive and elegant. It also has amazing longevity on the skin. Definitely my go to scent for a special occasion at the moment.


” Where should I apply perfume?” a young lady asked. ”where you want to be kissed” -Coco Chanel-


Vichy 3d correction foundation

My monthly favourites would not be complete without featuring a product from one of my favourite makeup brands Vichy. I have been wearing and loving Vichy 3d correction foundation. It is quite a thick consistency but once its applied, it does not feel heavy or cakey on your skin. I have found it will last me all day without going patchy and minimal touch-ups are needed. This foundation would be perfect for anyone that suffers with acne, uneven skin tone or dark circles under your eyes. This foundation acts like a second skin giving you an air brush finish, leaving your skin smooth and even without a ‘mask effect.’ Not only does this foundation help cover up imperfections it also improves the appearance of redness over time.



Sticky9 – Photo

If you are like me and love capturing life’s every moments with a picture. Sticky9 is an app you can download onto your phone, and simply have your photos printed and delieved. Most of my pictures are saved to my phone or Instagram. I loved that I could simply load them straight from my phone directly to my order. I had some of my favourite Instagram moments brought to life and printed on to magnets. The quality came out fanatastic. It is perfect for gift ideas also as you can choose to have your pictures printed on to greeting cards, posters,ipadcovers, photobooks and magnets. They also have a website, you can check it out Here


Matt Lip – Provocalips by Rimmel

I am actually surprised I havnt spoken about Provocalips till now. This had been my go to lip shade for a few months now. As the Kylie Jenner lip craze continues everyone wants more of Matt finish on their lips. I think this product is the best dupe for the Kylie Jenner lip kit. I have been wearing shade 730 Make your move I am one of those girls that’s once I eat or drink my lipstick just vanishes no matter what brand I use.( It drives my sister crazy) But I apply Provocalips in the morning and I actually have to use a lip scrub at night before bed to remove it. I dont use the gloss side as i perfer a matt finish. Kylie is wearing shade CandyK in the picture below and the Rimmel swatch is almost an identical shade.




I had so much fun putting together my April Favourite’s. Looking forward to discovering new products for next month. Hope everyone enjoys the May bank holiday weekend.


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