I am two weeks into my 12 week programme with Results with Lucy. I just wanted to give you a small update on how I am finding it. I am sighed up to The six pack abs plan. Before I begun I mistakenly thought it would just be workouts aimed at targeting my tummy area. How wrong I was! I am working out four days a week, and I am really feeling it! More so then I though to be honest.

I have done many celebrity work out dvds before. Hoping to try to mix up my own home work outs. I never found them challenging enough and I was never enjoying them. I would do the dvd and come to the second day, the thoughts of putting back on that dvd again and doing the exact same workouts again did not motivate me whatsoever. Does that motivate anyone?

Results with Lucy is a completely different way of working out all together. You have a profile on their website and you log in each day. They tell you what your work out for the day contains and what equipment you may need. Which varies from handheld weights, a skipping rope ,kettlebell, towel or a chair (They always include substitutions also, for eg instead of hand held weight you could use two bottles of water etc)

A workout normally consists of seven videos including your warm up and a cool down. Which take about a hour and a half to complete.The videos switch from high intensity cardio , to weights, to circuits, to martial arts, gymnastics and even dance. I have never found myself becoming bored. Each day I log in all new videos are refreshed for that day. You are really benefitting from new workouts each day as you are targeting new muscles from different positions each time you excerzise. Something I really like, is you are never standing around watching something been demonstrated. When they are changing the position of the workout you are still moving while they explain the next move. This gets your heartbeat right up and brings the intensity of the work out to the next level . You can literally feel your fat melt! I have been squatting to an inch of my life. So many new and different ways to target that booty.

The trainers Cecilia Harris, Liam Willis and Lucy Meckenburgh really keep you motivated to push yourself which I never found from any other workout dvds before. Liam is also a bit of eye candy…. (which never hurts.) I have also been crushing on all of Lucy’s work out gear.

The six pack abs plan is a progressive plan meaning each week the workouts will become more difficult. This is a fitness plan if you are serious about loosing weight,toning up and adding exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Results with Lucy has in my opinion, completely revamped what the home workout is. Its perfect for busy mums like myself. No need to add extra stress trying to arrange a sitter so you can squeeze in gym session. They also offer discounts for students .

It’s easy to keep motivated as #resultswithlucy #RWL is always trending on Instagram and twitter. There are thousands of women sighed up and sharing their progression on a daily basis. It’s nice to know your not alone and you feel part of the club. I have been chatting with loads of different girls on Instagram, who are on different fitness plans with Results with lucy. Everyone is so friendly and love sharing different tips, inspiration and favourite healthy meals recipes. I am already starting to feel stronger! Two weeks done and dusted, ten to go!

I will post my next Fitness update when I am half way through my plan.

You can check out Results with Lucy’s website Here

Jade x




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