For many families across the world, watching or taking part in the St.Patricks day parade is a tradition many of us grew up with.

Dylan has a diagnosis of Autism, along with this comes sensory disorders. Dylan can become stressed, anxious and upset in crowded areas. Especially very noisy places. As he is getting older I am learning what situations he likes and doesn’t like. The St. Patricks day parade would not be enjoyable for him. The crowds, the bands, the music, the people, it would be a sensory overload, causing a melt down. Instead of putting him in situations he is uncomfortable in, I prefer to make our own traditions that I know he will enjoy.

Today instead of fighting through the crowds to watch the parade, I packed up our picnic basket and we headed to Bunratty Castle in Co. Clare. Bunratty castle have a folk park and a play area for kids along with a tour of the castle. My sister and her daughter came along too. We had a lovely walk around the grounds to see all the farm animals. We then had a nice little picnic before playing with the kids in the park. To finish the day we took a tour of Bunratty castle . It was such a nice day and it didn’t rain, which is always a bonus in Ireland.

I wanted to write this to share, my experiences making new traditions. It can be hard not to look at other families and want to experience the enjoyment around certain holidays with your own kids. I myself am guilty of this. So instead of thinking what they cannot do. Try Different activities they do like and they do enjoy. My main goal is Dylan is having fun and I get to have some bonding time with him. Tonight we will be having a cosy movie night.

Wishing everyone a happy St. Patricks day however you choose to spend it.

Jade x


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