I have teamed up with results with Lucy for a 12 week fitness plan. The programme I will be following will be The six pack abs plan. This is their most advanced plan that they offer. Results with Lucy offer different programmes to suit different fitness levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced. They also offer different length plans from a five week plan up to a twelve week plan.

As some of you may already know I was a gymnast for ten years and it played a big part in my life. I still enjoy working out as I find it is a great way to release stress. Exercise also helps me boosts my energy levels and releases happy endorphins. Being a busy single mum to my four year old son, means having time to go to the gym is very rare. I think a lot of mothers can relate to this. Working out at home once I have put my son to bed in the evening is usually my only choice. Let’s be honest its hard to stay motivated, doing the same workouts week after week. It becomes boring and dull.

Results with Lucy is an online personal training plan that you can access from your own home. It contains high intensity training, dance and Pilates to keep your workout fun and to challenge you, for the best personal results. The six pack abs plan consists of a progressive workout plan. Progressive meaning the workouts will gradually get more and more difficult challenging your fitness every step of the way. I will be required to work out four times a week on this plan.

Results with Lucy also offer their customers access to a full bank of healthy recipes, to create your own meal plan for the weeks.

Today is my first day starting my plan. I will be documenting my fitness journey. How I am finding the programme, sharing some healthy recipes and keeping you updated on my progress. I am really excited to start. My goal is to tone up and to show more diffenition in my tummy. I am hoping to gain body confidence and to find a new way of working out and keeping motivated.

You can check out all of the workout plans on their website here results with Lucy

Wish me luck
Jade x

Day oneimage

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